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Total Life Dynamics system


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Janet Swift, Associate Coach


For 50 years Janet Swift accumulated every experience life could offer, seeking fulfilment through careers from nursing, police officer, 20+ years in the corporate world and finally, as a successful business owner.   Now a #1 international bestselling author and Reiki practitioner, Janet shares her extensive knowledge and experience with her clients.  Perhaps her greatest gift is enabling people from all walks of life to identify the events that have changed and shaped their choices and her range of workshops, talks and books are designed to captivate, inspire and encourage everyone to live their life on purpose and express their truth.  Are you living your dream or someone else’s?


Contact: janet@janetswift.com

Janet Swift

Paula Dillema, Certified Coach


Paula has been coaching teams and individuals in a working environment since 2001, and is herself a successful entrepreneur and business owner outside of her coaching practice


Her expertise is in discovering personal blocks which limit clients in discovering their own power and

effectiveness, and then assisting them in overcoming these blocks to realise their dreams.





Contact: paula@businessenzo.nl



Heidi Morren, Certified Coach


Heidi Morren is a transformational coach and trainer of the 'Heal your life' workshops based on the philosophy of Louise Hay.


On the 7th of July 2007 she started her company "Shikoba". Shikoba means 'feather' and is a link to the eagle. An eagle appearing in your life implies  you need a new vision in your life. That's Heidi's mission: to help people step beyond their own fears to create the life of their dreams, starting from selflove.


Everyone has greatness within him/her and together with Heidi you will learn to step into your own greatness!


Contact: heidi@shikoba.be


Paula Dillema

Heidi Morren

United Kingdom

Peter van Rensburg, Certified Coach


Peter is a business coaching specialist, having held senior roles in major corporates and a variety of SMEs. His style is open and approachable, but always pragmatic and with an eye on the bottom-line.


He is available for executive coaching, human capital projects and consultancy interventions


Contact: pvrcoach@telkom.sa


Peter Van Rensburg

Jacqueline Hampson, Certified Coach


Jacqueline has transitioned into being a business and careers coach after two decades of media and marketing experience. As a media professional and marketing strategist she has worked on an incredibly diverse range of projects and targeted (messaging-wise!) everyone from toddlers to chief executives. 


Her talents include simplifying complex messages and making them audience friendly. In particular Jacqueline enjoys helping people see their own messages from within their own words and repackaging them in a way their audience understands. Her passion is to unleash the potential of people and organisations so they can achieve more than they thought possible.



Jacqueline Hampson

Lisa Peek

South Africa

Christine Verhoeven

Christine Verhoeven, Certified Coach


Christine  is a life coach, motivational speaker and teacher in Personal Development. She helps people who want to be, do, or have, more in their lives by
changing their mindset.

Humor and self realisation are key elements of the methods she uses in her coaching and workshops.

She can help you when stuck in whichever field of your life, but she specialises in the relationships between parents and adult children, as well as in jealousy issues.

Christine has a master degree in business administration and human relations.


Contact: postmaster@christine.be

Robert-Eric Aalders, Associate Coach


I am a successful entrepreneur in the fields of coaching, network marketing and real estate. After an extensive carrier in international logistics specializing in e-fulfillment and webstore design and operations I started a path of self-development and intensive stock and forex education. Once I started out of the box thinking and left my comfort zones, never looking back. I have developed a no-nonsense and tough love system that gets lasting results in a short period of time. In the fields of trading, business, personal development and life improvement I have proven to be effective.


Contact  rob_aalders@icloud.com


Arnold Rodenburg

Marsha Providence, Certified Coach


Marsha is a qualified life coach, and youth empowerment specialist. Her practice focuses on coaching young first- time ex-offenders and their families.  One of her clients, who came out of prison 5 years ago, is now has not only stayed out of prison but is now successfully self-employed and has built positive and empowering  relationships with his family

Marsha’s knows that every individual needs someone to believe in them so that they can to believe in themselves.


Contact:  marsha.providence@btopenworld.com

Marsha Providence

Tracy Turner, Certified Coach


So many of us have dreams and aspirations, but often we don't know how to make them come true. We find ourselves moving between different phases of our lives, with no instruction manual on how to live that "new life".


We often don't know what to do, and if we do manage to figure out what to do, we don't know how to get started. That is where I come in. For over 20 years I have dedicated my life to helping people take back control of their lives. There is nothing that brings me more happiness that to see people enjoying their life, coping with it's changes, maximising their talents and reconnecting them with their life purpose.



Contact:  enquiries@tracyturnermentoring.co.uk

Tracy Turner


Lisa Peek, Certified Coach


Hello! I’m Lisa Peek and I believe that the only thing that matters in life is how we spend our “dash”. That’s the line between the date you are born and the date you pass away. Your dash is what truly defines how you have lived, how you have served others, and the impact you have had on the people who matter most to you and the world in general. Everything you do during the rest of your life is going to have a ripple effect and create an impact in the world – for better or worse.

With over 25 years of consulting, marketing and management experience in corporate, non-profit and family business, I help my clients make a difference in the world through their lives, work and business.


Contact: lisapeek@planet.nl


Jalken Antonia, Certified Coach


Jalken is an accomplished business coach and coach for young people. He has extensive experience in training, development and coaching across several countries in Europe.   


Prior to becoming a professional coach & trainer he worked for seven years as an auditor at Deloitte’s in the Corporate Audit department, and he brings that experience to the table.


He speaks Dutch, English, and Papiamento


Contact: jalkenantonia@gmail.com


Jalken Antonio

Arnold Rodenburg, Certified Coach


I am Arnold Rodenburg, The Undercover Coach.


My inspiration was the TV program ‘Undercover Boss’, and this is my mission as The Undercover Coach – step one is to seek out the superb workers, not always recognized, and those aspects of the organisation that needs some extra attention; step two is to help the client company use that information to create “raving fans” within their workforce – ambassadors for change, collaboration, and improvement.

Contact:  arnold.rodenburg1@outlook.com


Rob Aalders

Susanne Somers, Certified Coach


I am Susanne Somers, and I am a life coach specialising in the coaching of expectant mums, new mums, their partners, and families.

For many years I worked as a midwife and pregnancy ultrasound specialist, and my years in those professions I know how important it is for a pregnant women or couple, or new parents, to have support during a vulnerable period in their lives; when they were experiencing a lot of new feelings, emotions and uncertainties. to have someone who can take the time to show them the way, so they can be and feel more relaxed and comfortable with this new situation.


Contact: poppie.coaching@gmail.com


Susanne Somers

Marieke Gort, Certified Coach


Hello, my name is Marieke Gort and it’s my mission to enable you putting your dreams into action. Although we think we have a bunch of time left, our time is limited. Why procrastinate any longer?


After 15 years of sales experience and working with teams I resigned to follow my dream and started my consulting & training company SuccesPraktijk in 2015. It was a dive into the deep and releasing the security of my income. And I am so glad I took this step. I experience so much more fulfillment now!


My work is characterized as transformational coaching and training for individuals as well business, unleashing your potential and talents.


Contact: marieke@succespraktijk.nl


Marieke Gort

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