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                                                                                                                                                Jane is a human behaviours specialist, and an expert                                   in personal & organisational performance improvement.


She is globally-renowned, in constant demand at major events, and works with private clients, small business owners, and some of the world's largest corporations.


People are her passion, and her life purpose is to enhance as many lives as possible.


Jane is highly-qualified, but is best known for her pragmatic, real-world approach, and client-focussed solutions.


take control of



It often feels like we're peddling hard to keep up with our own lives. That everything is happening around us, and to us, and it's as much as we can manage to just keep our heads above water and cope. And this is exhausting! When our own life is standing between us and our ability to live, something has gone wrong! However one of the biggest challenges is trying to figure out how to turn things around. We feel so caught up in everything that we have no idea where to start, and how to actively make change. We know what you're going through, and most importantly we are driven by the desire to help you to turn things around and take back control of your own life. We will help you to identify your starting points, and your journey towards a future that belongs to you, rather than one that happens around you.

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As part of her mission to enhance as many lives as possible Jane is currently building an elite team of certified Life Dynamics coaches. Please contact her Practice Director to find out more - keith@newlevels.co.uk




Life is complex. We juggle so many different balls, and play so many different roles, and it is so easy for one area of life to end up being neglected because circumstances are forcing us to have to expend all of our time and energy on one particular goal at the cost of another. So often huge success in one area disguises a gaping need in another. 


Life is a dynamic relationship between all of it's different areas - our career, our relationship, our finances, our personal growth, our fun, our health - when any of them are pushed out of balance, we tend to "feel" out of balance. It is all about understanding how our life can be kept in balance while still achieving our goals, protecting our happiness, and nurturing our relationships. This is why there are so many instances where people who are hugely successful and admired for something often harbour deep seated feelings that "something" is still missing. The truth is, something probably is!  


Dear Jane


I wish to express my gratitude for conducting such an inspirational course last weekend. It truly was a life-changing experience. There were several times during the course where I felt like you were directly answering the questions in my mind. As though you were speaking directly to me. Your own life story is truly inspirational. To overcome such adversity and personal tragedy puts you in a unique position. I cannot think of anyone better to have presented the course. Thank you for sharing your story and other lessons with us. I feel motivated and confident that I will succeed. Congratulations on your success. Keep up the excellent work! Keep inspiring!


Jiten Mistry


stop talking


It is always frustrating that so many people have such great plans. That they have goals, and dreams and desires to do things that will make then happy, and will usually add significant value to the world in which they live. The frustration is not that they are full of potential, but rather that often it never actually results in real, measurable, achievable results. So many dreams die inside people without ever having been born.


Is there somewhere in your life where you have amazing goals, but somehow the goals just never seem to come any closer? Are you at risk of becoming yet another talker, and not an action taker? These days we are all encouraged to take the actions and the mindset that will attract great opportunities into your life, and that's great. However, in the absence of the second half of the equation - actually taking positive action - all the opportunities in the world end up being wasted. 


In most cases, excellence is not sacrificed on the alter of awfulness, rather, excellence is usually sacrificed on the alter of mediocrity. People give up when the going gets tough. When they battle to see how to move forward, or when they lack focus.


This is where we can come in and hold your hand. We refocus you, help you to rediscover what defines you, and assist you to reconnect with WHAT you want and WHY you want it. We also help you to put together HOW you will achieve the results that you want. We help with WHERE you are going, and WHEN you will achieve your desired outcome. 


Are you ready to stop talking and start taking positive action?



I attended your course this weekend at Emperor’s Palace. Thank you for the wonderful 2 days, especially for sharing your life experiences. It made it so much more real. The fact that you were able to hold the attention of all the attendees says so much about you and your course content.      


Mumtaz Booley

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent day of information you delivered to us yesterday. Loved every moment!  


Ilse Gevers





Working with my Life Dynamics coach has been inspirational, motivational, and exceptional!


Thank you!


Sigefried Hahn


Dear Dr Cox,


Firstly, may I congratulate you on an excellent performance yesterday - it was succinct, logical, inspiring and superbly presented. I am 63, have been to many seminars and heard, possibly, hundreds of motivational speakers throughout the years - I don't believe any have surpassed your performance.


 Chris Knaggs, Durban,                South Africa



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